The Rebellious Captive

The rebellious captive I remain

while all the souls of slaves are slain

locked in cages

made to fight

we can’t escape

we’ve lost the right

I rattle

scream and break

I’m bad

they’d taken all the good I had

but deep inside

a place I found

colorless beauty with no sound

and if you’re quiet

if you’re still

you too will find the strength and will

you’ll find the light they cannot see

the key they do not know we keep

so when the masters walk about

I raise my fists

and shake and shout

I don’t give in

I push

I fight

I fear no darkness

I am the light


Monogamy:Fuck it.

I’ve written about cheating as a means to fill a physical or psychological void left by parents, traumatic childhood events,etc.. And though there are deeper reasons for why people look for what they look for in another, good or bad, Looking at relationships from a here and now perspective, mixed with my own reality, I kind of see polygamy’s point. Mixed with my own reality.

If real love is limitless, why do we limit it?

why should we, if we are unhappy, limit ourselves to a person who only gives us a portion of what we are ultimately looking for?

I believe in soul-mates, I really do, and there are 6.6 billion people on this planet at this moment. How can there not be someone who fully embodies the person you wish to be with and how can we ever find them if we’re stuck with someone that leaves us wanting MORE.

We cheat because we are not fully satisfied with our partners, who may not understand that though we very much love them and the sex, We need something else, something more.  I see nothing wrong with this.

I feel people should branch out and find what they need to make them happy, instead of sacrificing their own happiness or trying to turn their partner into a whole other person. changing someone to fit you is not bettering them, it’s you being selfish. That person you’re looking for is out there, and if you don’t see it in the person you are with and you are unhappy, leave, and if you feel you can’t leave, cheat.

The love real estate is booming and you too can find your dream home.The search doesn’t always have to be sexual. Go on some dates, get emotional support, specific sexual favors, etc.. I’m not promoting whoredom-nobody wants a house with no walls- but, what you need is out there, and if you have to sneak around with different people who lead you to someone that makes you want to be faithful, so be it. If you don’t find the one you’ll still get to enjoy the 1-4 substitutes.

In the words of Weezy the Great; Wrap it up, cus you don’t want that late text, that ”I think i’m late” text, Or AIDS.

Bang bang,